WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service announced today that the federal income tax filing due date for individuals for the 2020 tax year will be automatically extended from April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021.


As we start a new year there are many questions from our clients, friends and stakeholders.  To help get your new tax season started we want to give you some info on things going on!

In no particular order are some answers to get us started.  Yes, you can make an in-person appointment

But if you prefer, we will do our needed contact via any number of means…Skype, Zoom, Go To My PC and more. The point being that we can accommodate the way you wish to proceed!

If you want to be in person and all wear masks…. we can do it!  If you prefer to do any meetings remotely…. we can do it!  We sanitize daily and will honor your requests as to how you prefer to meet and whether or not PPE is involved!

The good news is that the turmoil of the past year has given us great new opportunities and new ways of taking care of our client base and though it has been a bit stressful we have learned, grown and gotten better at taking care of you. 

 The point here is as we all are still a little curious as to what comes next in these very interesting times. As your CPA and Consulting firm we want to cover as many bases as needed to keep us all safe as we go about the business of taking care of you and your requirements. 

Thank you for your faith in our firm as we embrace great new technology and many opportunities to provide you the service you need because as always YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!